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Plumbing and Gas Solutions in Perth

O'haras Plumbing and gas

At O’Hara’s Plumbing and Gas, we usher in a blend of expertise and precision to new residential developments in Perth.

Our comprehensive suite of plumbing and gas services spans from meticulous prelays and stormwater soak wells to proficient firing off of appliances in both new housing and multi-unit residential dwellings. With us, rest assured, your project is geared towards functional excellence.

O'haras Plumbing and gas

Summary of our Plumbing and Gas Solutions in perth

Prelays – Laying the Foundation of Robust Plumbing

Embarking on a new construction project? Our prelay services ensure a robust groundwork is laid for seamless plumbing operations.

At O’Hara’s Plumbing and Gas, we meticulously plan and execute prelays, ensuring every pipe and duct is positioned accurately for optimal functionality.

Stormwater Soak Wells – Steering Clear of Water Woes

A well-executed stormwater soak well is your safeguard against water logging woes. Our adept team designs and installs soak wells that efficiently manage stormwater, keeping your premises dry and damage-free.

Firing Off Appliances – Safety Merged with Precision

When it comes to firing off appliances in new housing or multi-unit residential dwellings, precision is non-negotiable. Our skilled technicians ensure a safe and precise setup, paving the way for a hazard-free living environment.

Your Questions around Plumbing and Gas Solutions in Perth

What areas in Perth do you service? 

We provide our unparalleled plumbing and gas services across the entirety of Perth.

Are your services compliant with local regulations? 

Absolutely. At O’Hara’s Plumbing and Gas, adherence to local regulations is a priority. Our services are executed following the highest standards of compliance.

How experienced is your team? 

Our team boasts a rich amalgam of experience and expertise in handling diverse plumbing and gas projects, ensuring your residential development project in Perth is in adept hands.

Key Takeaways



Service Spectrum

Prelays, Stormwater Soak Wells, Firing Off Appliances


Strict adherence to local regulations and standards


Rich experience in handling diverse plumbing and gas projects in new housing and multi-unit residences


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